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Irrigation Improvements to CAID Lateral 218-270

WLC performed irrigation improvements to the CAID Lateral 218-270 by completing a hydraulic analysis for installing a new pipeline to service a new center pivot and connection to an existing system for reclaiming unused water. The analysis included installation of a new head gate in the main canal and approximately 8,700’ of Plastic Irrigation Pipe ranging in size from 18” to 12”. Several scenarios were analyzed and the results were presented in a Technical Memorandum to the District. Providing a suitable overflow/drain at the low point of the pipeline required a solution to adequately handle a maximum system pressure of 28 psi. After presenting several alternatives, CAID chose a hand operated valve and standup configuration. The 15” standpipe required a concrete splash pad and diffuser to accommodate the high pressure when the gate valve was opened to drain the system. The stand pipe also serves as a convenient location to pump the system dry at the end of the irrigation season. The analysis of several scenarios allowed the District to determine the best a system configuration based upon available funding and future demands. WLC prepared a preliminary plan, profile, and details for the system indicating the hydraulic grade line for two of the chosen alternatives.