How a Full-Service Firm Makes the Design & Construction Process Easier

How a Full-Service Firm Makes the Design & Construction Process Easier

Two sets of hands points at blue prints demonstrating civil engineering planning

Civil design and construction projects typically involve more than one discipline. From design, to surveying, construction, and completion, there are a number of important steps that must be taken to ensure a successful project.  While there are businesses that specialize in each component, working with a full-service engineering firm—one with knowledge and expertise in all project phases—can offer a number of advantages that make the whole process easier.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of working with a full-service firm is that you have one point of contact; often known as the project manager. A knowledgeable project manager oversees the entire project by communicating client goals and expectations to the design and construction teams and keeps the client informed throughout the process. Having one person that coordinates schedules and services, heads off potential miscommunication between the various project components, and keeps everything and everyone on schedule and on budget reduces delayed schedules, change orders, budget overages and other hassles. 

Additionally, a single point of contact offers an added level of accountability that is hard to come by when you work with a number of service providers on a single project. With a full-service firm, clients don’t have to put in the leg work testing and verifying if the correct soil exists or the necessary permits were secured; the managing component that a full-service firm offers ensures that the required steps were taken and executed properly. Plus, if and when an issue arises or the scope of the project changes, the project manager handles the adjustments taking the responsibility (and stress) off the client.   


Secondly, a full-service firm offers continuity in service. Working with multiple firms, you often deal with varying deadlines, company policies, service standards, etc. But with a full-service firm, you’re working with a single team that is experienced working together under the same company culture. Each member knows their role and responsibilities and under what standards and specifications the project must follow.  In short, when you work with a full-service firm, you’re working with a well-oiled machine rather than different moving parts.  


Finally, working with a full-service firm is cost effective. The management function that a full-service firm provides means your project is understood from start to finish and more likely to stay on schedule and ultimately on budget.  Every delay, from lack of timely response, to a miscommunicated client goal or unexpected challenges results in added project costs.  The management function and project understanding that a full-service firm provides helps ensure the project moves along as planned and within budget.

Similarly, a firm that provides a team of experts with experience working together on similar projects means you don’t have to account for time it takes to learn the process in which a new, unfamiliar contracted professional will approach your project. Instead, that well-oiled machine can get right to work executing your project.

Reap the benefits a full-service engineering and surveying firm can provide by contacting WLC Engineering and Surveying today and learn first-hand how we can make the design and construction process easier.