3 Ways Construction Contract Administration Reduces Your Responsibility

3 Ways Construction Contract Administration Reduces Your Responsibility

construction contract administration

No one has ever wished for more paperwork and administration responsibilities. WLC’s services in construction contract administration takes the management of grants, contracts, and paperwork off our client’s hands greatly impacting their ability to focus on their other obligations. If you’re considering construction contract administration, here are three ways it reduces your responsibility as a project owner.

Simplified Communication

Communication is key, and as the construction contract administrator, WLC becomes the point of contact for the project. In this role, we’ll manage all channels of communication so you, as the project owner, don’t have to. As the point of contact between the project owner, and contractors, WLC receives and relays essential information, alerts, and updates. Adequate flow of information is filtered through the contract administrator allowing for an effective and functioning construction contract and project.

Minimized Issues

Construction contract administration reduces the number of issues the project owner must address as WLC establishes the process and channels of communication. Only the most critical issues are taken to the project owner, while easily resolved issues are handled at our level as the construction contract administrator. Issues are also minimized as WLC ensures contractual obligations are in compliance from start to finish. The project owner can rest easy knowing risks are being managed, contractual obligations are being met, and problems are resolved efficiently and effectively.

Reduced Administration

Administrative tasks such as paperwork, managing grants and contracts, and preparing progress reports are all taken care of by the construction contract administrator. WLC lessens the load on the project owner by overseeing these duties so the project owner can focus and dedicate attention to their obligations. Additionally, WLC facilitates the terms to ensure all items are being handled appropriately and are moving along as planned.

Construction contract administration greatly reduces the responsibility that is typically placed on the project owner and is essential to the completion of a successful project. With simplified communication, minimized issues, and reduced administrative tasks, you can rest easy as the project owner knowing contracts are in compliance and issues are resolved by a team of professionals. If you need a construction contract administrator for your next project, contact us today.