Construction Observation & Materials Testing Can Minimize Owner Risk

Construction Observation & Materials Testing Can Minimize Owner Risk

Picture of soil samples

As project owners, you want to minimize the amount of interruptions, delays, challenges and risk that happen during the course of a project. While it’s a long shot to assume you can head off every potential issue, materials testing and construction observation are two important services you should utilize to help minimize risk to an owner, and really the entire design team. 

Materials testing is a vital stage of the construction process and involves testing the integrity of a surface or material before or during construction.  Whether this involves soil, asphalt, or concrete, having a solid understanding of what you’re working with and that it is meeting the desired specifications is critical to the long-term success of any project.

Equally important is construction observation. Construction observation helps ensure that the project is being completed in accordance with the design and specifications.  Observation by an experienced professional that understands the construction process in its entirety and the project goals can provide invaluable piece of mind to the project owner.  From testing and permitting to project execution and contract administration, monitoring all the moving pieces ensures the necessary requirements, project goals and client needs are being met.

While construction projects inevitably involve unforeseen circumstances, construction observation and materials testing, can help ensure the success of a project and minimize owner risk, prior to, during, and after construction.

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