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WLC Welcomes Engineer, Simone Whitley

WLC is excited to welcome Staff Engineer, Simone Whitley, to our Casper team. Simone received her Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the German University OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Her specialty is energy efficiency for residential and commercial buildings. Holding a German Expert of Energy Efficiency Certification, Simone also studied geology and geotechnical lab analysis, ecology, physics, meteorology in regard to how it pertains to physics, and chemistry.

Simone’s unique experience and expertise will greatly add to WLC’s projects and services. Her experience in GIS, MATLAB, and AutoCAD sets her up for her role at WLC. As Staff Engineer, she will be working alongside surveyors and other engineers to perform materials testing, design engineering, and field work.

Prior to joining WLC, Simone completed an internship with Rotermund Engineers which was immediately followed by employment. During her time with Rotermund Engineers, Simone gained experience in lifecycle cost analysis in regard to all facets of facility management and energy efficiency.

Please join us in welcoming Simone to the WLC team!