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Wigwam Rearing Station RFUV Building Addition

As a sub to Stateline No. 7, WLC provided civil engineering and surveying services on the Wigwam Rearing Station - Roto Filter Ultra Violet (RFUV) Building Additions. This project included the construction of two buildings to house RFUV units which are used to disinfect water, specifically against Whirling disease for fish culture operations. WLC’s tasks included the initial site survey, water pipe design serving the units, site grading for the buildings, and hydraulic calculations. Due to little elevation difference between the water supply spring and the new building, it was a challenge to maintain adequate water head elevations required to serve the units. The initial survey was critical to ensure WLC had very precise elevations on all water supply sources. WLC used a combination of Flowmaster, StormCAD, and Culvertmaster to develop necessary calculations. As the Wigwam Rearing Station raises the only disease free batch of Colorado River cutthroat in the area, it is very important these fish do not come in contact with infected water. In order to keep the fish from becoming infected with the disease, it is vital to ensure the units function correctly by maintaining adequate water flows and pressures.