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USFS Road 100 and 261 Assessment

WLC was hired by Carbon County to complete an assessment and determine if US Forest Service (USFS) Road 100 and 261 met Carbon County Road Standards, and if not, what improvements would be needed to meet these standards. This assessment was in response to the USFS proposing closure of Road 261. USFS Road 261, known as Cedar Pass Road, is a critical road for connection of State Highway 130 Brush Creek area to the Elk Mountain area. The road, regularly utilized by ranchers, hunters, and recreational users, also provides access for emergency response personnel. WLC services included a GPS survey of the existing road, car camera DVR to record roadway condition, location and identification of drainage structures, providing plan and profile sheets of the road, drainage analyses of major structures, and analyzing roadway conditions for compliance with a 20 mph speed limit (i.e., road widths, grades, sight distances, horizontal curvature, and review of existing embankment areas). A portion of this road is in a slide area. WLC’s recommended upgrades included repair of the roadway and possible relocation.