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River Park Lift Station Upgrade

FT Investment hired WLC to upgrade the existing River Park Lift Station to accommodate existing and future residential developments north of the River Park Subdivision. The upgrade included analysis of the existing and potential flows in an attempt to maximize the total flow capabilities of the existing lift station. After the study was completed it was determined that the new lift station would be upgraded with new larger variable speed pumps and replacement of the existing 3” force main with a new 4” force main. WLC worked with Flygt Pumps to upgrade the lift station to variable speed pumps. The variable speed pumps can be adjusted to function efficiently at different levels of flow. This adjustment capabilities of the pumps will require only a one-time upgrade allowing for the added future flows. This project allowed for the development of two additional residential subdivisions, with the capabilities to accommodate more development. This adjustment capabilities of the pumps will save the client money over time requiring this one time upgrade.