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Mills Municipal GIS

In 2007, the Town of Mills annexed the adjoining community of North Mountain View. After the annexation, the Town was in need of updated, accurate mapping for use in land planning, site plan reviews, and building permit applications. In 2009 the Town of Mills contracted with WLC to prepare a high precision / high accuracy parcel feature class for lands contained within the expanded Mills corporate limits. WLC began work on this project by identifying and surveying numerous subdivision lot corners, highway ROW markers, and other survey monuments. These surveyed features were used to accurately place and orient record subdivision plats and highway ROW boundaries that were prepared in AutoCAD using COGO techniques. The completed AutoCAD drawings were brought into ArcMap where they were checked for accuracy and geometric completeness using topological feature classes. All appropriate attributes were added to each feature and the completed feature class was presented to the Natrona County GIS department so that the materials could be utilized throughout the area.