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Evansville Water Treatment Plant

This project added a third filter to the Town’s water treatment plant increasing the plant’s capacity by 50%. In addition to the new filter unit, the project included the purchase and installation of the filter, process piping, and valve installation for connecting the new filter into the existing water treatment facility. The original water treatment plant was the only source of treated water for the Town, which has a population of 2,544. As such, WLC’s design, including pipe and fittings designed with tight tolerances to allow for quick connection to existing piping. This ensured that the existing water treatment plant would only be taken out of service for a short period during the expansion of the plant. WLC worked closely with the Water Treatment Plant Operator to fully understand all components of the plant to plan the procedures and requirements for an efficient tie-over to the new filter. Installation of a new filter unit allows the Town to take one of its filters out of service or to upgrade or make repairs while still meeting demands as well as providing capacity for future growth.