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Wind & Transmission Support Services

dozens of wind turbines on a prairie project WLC provided wind and transmission support services

In 2008, WLC established our Power Group, a niche group of surveyors and GIS and CAD technicians whose specialties are contracting with electrical and wind projects to provide wind and transmission support services. With more than 65 years of experience on hundreds of power distribution and transmission projects, our utilization of technical knowledge and advanced software ensures we are capable of meeting your power project needs.

WLC provides immediate and ongoing comprehensive services to the wind energy and electrical transmission industry. WLC’s wind energy experience dates back to 1994 when we provided land surveying services on Wyoming’s first commercially viable wind power project, Foote Creek. This expertise continues today as we have provided services on the majority of Wyoming’s major wind projects.

Wind & Transmission Support Services:

  • Small Unmanned Aircraft System Aerial Survey
  • Road & Utility Design & Layout
  • Drainage Analysis & Design
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis Design
  • Mass Grading & Drainage Analysis
  • Materials Testing
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Construction Observation