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GIS Services

As a true interdisciplinary firm, WLC Engineering, Surveying, and Planning provides standalone GIS services as well as use our team to provide dynamic, project-specific solutions to our engineers, surveyors, and other departments. GIS has become a necessary and valuable tool for the management of geospatial data. Unlike many firms, WLC is able to provide increased clarity through all phases of a project utilizing this expertise. From the field to the finished product, our GIS professionals help identify the situation and create a mapping and data management plan to streamline the process and improve efficiency and convenience on every project.

GIS Services:

  • Needs Assessments
  • GIS Strategic & Implementation Planning
  • Asset Inventories Utilizing GPS
  • Custom Geodatabase Development
  • GIS Data Development & Management
  • Specialized Spatial Analysis

  • Custom Mapping Products
  • Mobile GIS Development
  • CAD & Hardcopy Data Conversion
  • Data Mining & Specialized Data Development
  • Quality Assurance & Data Accuracy Evaluations
  • Aerial Photography & LiDAR Flight Coordination