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Understanding Contract Models for your Project Needs

When it comes to executing a contract, it is important to consider the contract type that’s most suited for your project needs and goals, fair to the parties involved, and in line with your business model.  There are two main types of contracting models to consider that support different project environments and approaches.

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How a Full-Service Firm Makes the Design & Construction Process Easier

Civil design and construction projects typically involve more than one discipline. From design, to surveying, construction, and completion, there are a number of important steps that must be taken to ensure a successful project.  While there are businesses that specialize in each component, working with a full-service engineering firm—one with knowledge and expertise in all project phases—can offer a number of advantages that make the whole process easier.

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3 Ways to Get Your Project Off the Ground

It’s no secret that beginning a new project takes a lot of time and effort. While some projects may be easier to execute than others, you will inevitably encounter times when getting a project going will seem like it is never going to happen.

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Construction Observation & Materials Testing Can Minimize Owner Risk

As project owners, you want to minimize the amount of interruptions, delays, challenges and risk that happen during the course of a project. While it’s a long shot to assume you can head off every potential issue, materials testing and construction observation are two important services you should utilize to help minimize risk to an owner, and really the entire design team. 

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WLC’s Longevity Benefits Our Clients

Since opening our doors in 1948, WLC’s unwavering commitment to excellence and client dedication have contributed to our longevity. Our company-wide philosophy coupled with deep industry knowledge and an experienced team mean our years in the industry continually benefit those we work with and the services we provide.

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3 Reasons to Develop A Capital Improvements Plan

A Capital Improvements Plans (CIP) is a short-range (4-10 year) comprehensive prioritization of all capital projects, equipment purchases and major initiatives of a local government that takes into account priorities of the community, fiscal projections and projected lifespan of current infrastructure. CIPs allow planners, public works directors and fiscal officers to work together to ensure projects are identified and ranked in order of priority as well as plan for systematic completion of a local government’s stated goals.

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WLC Secures City of Casper and Platte River Trails Trust Morad to Walmart Trail Project

WLC Engineering and Surveying was recently awarded the Morad Park to Walmart Trail Project by the City of Casper and Platte River Trails Trust (PRTT). The project includes the installation of a multi-use pathway from the Platte River Trail at 2800 SW Wyoming Blvd to the intersection of CY Avenue and the Walmart Business Access Road at the Mountain View Shopping Center. The Morad Park to Walmart Trail Project is expected to be completed in 2020. 

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Financing Options for Future Infrastructure Projects

The need for infrastructure improvements is never ending. Roads and sewer systems require maintenance, buildings need upkeep, renovation or complete overhauls, and plans for facility upgrades are never far from mind.  As is often the case, the need is always there but what about the financing to help cover the hard costs of sound infrastructure? 

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Civil Engineering Perspective: 2019 to Continue 2018’s Upward Trend

2018 saw solid growth in Wyoming’s economy after the last economic downturn. While our economy wasn’t booming again, we saw a nice upward trend in the energy sector.  In the third quarter of 2018, projects related to mineral extraction were on the rise creating more revenue for our state.  

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WLC Hosts Golf Tournament to Honor 70 Years in Business

On July 20, 2018, WLC Engineering and Surveying hosted its annual golf tournament at Three Crowns Golf Club. In addition to offering employees an opportunity to celebrate WLC’s 70th anniversary, the event allows WLC’s team to thank our clients and partners for working with us and their friendships. Read more →