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WLC Engineering, Surveying, and Planning provides a flexible, friendly, and relaxed work environment. With around 30 employees, it’s important to us that our team likes coming to work, so we do our best to create a culture and environment that makes WLC an enjoyable place to be. We hire people we like working with, with the expectation if we like them, so will their clients and colleagues. On average, our employees have been with WLC for 12 years. We think that employee retention number shows that WLC is a pretty good place to work.

We’re not very good micromanagers so we look for self-starters and employees with strong work ethics. While we value hard work, we also support work-life balance. We believe work should be just one component of our employees’ lives and understand the role friends, family, hobbies, and passions have on ambition, fulfillment, and success.

If it sounds like you might be a fit for WLC, be sure to check out open job listings or send your resume to for us to keep on file.