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WLC Engineering, Surveying, and Planning sees every project and client as a unique opportunity. This mindset allows us to work on many different projects from small lot surveys for the private land owner to multi-million dollar, multi-disciplinary projects for private or public organizations. We don’t have a one-size fits all model and we don’t turn away clients if they don’t meet specific criteria. While we utilize and rely on knowledge and experience from thousands of successfully completed projects, we understand your project won’t look exactly like any other.

WLC has developed unique processes to benefit our clients.

Project Management Approach

After learning about your project goals and desires, WLC’s Project Management Approach begins by identifying the most experienced and knowledgeable project manager for your project. The project manager will be the main point of contact, monitor and control internal tasks, and be responsible to oversee the scope, schedule, and budget of the project. Next, well-thought out scope, assumptions, goals, objectives, deliverables, budget, and schedule will be determined and discussed with the client. WLC will set up accurate schedule tracking showing sufficient detail to allow proper tracking of the project. WLC will provide and manage cost through our real time accounting system on a sub-task basis. This allows the project manager instant access to the project cost and budget breakdowns.

Communication Plan

WLC establishes a Communication Plan in the early stages of a project. Components of this plan include confirming lead representatives for each organization through whom information will be channeled, and to whom responsibility is assigned; agreements on project details such as schedule and budget; establishing protocols for decision making and other project responsibilities; and scheduling project meetings to coordinate with milestone deadlines.

Quality Control Process

WLC’s Quality Control Process is implemented so that a high standard of quality will be maintained throughout the project. Quality is achieved by experienced individuals carefully performing their work and in-house peers checking and reviewing the completeness and accuracy of that work. WLC’s quality control program ensures that all items produced are reviewed appropriately.


WLC takes the safety of our employees as well as that of our partners and clients very seriously. Our Safety Policies are detailed and extensive, but WLC’s safety philosophy can be summed up to: if you can’t do it safely, do NOT do it. Nothing, not cost, schedule, or quality, is worth jeopardizing a person’s health or life. WLC belongs to several safety organizations including Browze, PEC-Premier, ISNetworld, and PICS. Each of these require several safety programs and frequent updating. Additionally, we maintain an external Safety Specialist who provides monthly training as well as specialized as-needed trainings for our field personnel. Many of the certifications we maintain require specific ongoing, intensive trainings. If you are interested in working with WLC and would like to review our safety policies, please contact us at (307) 266-2524.